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Are Intensive Driving Lessons Worth Your Time and Money?

Applying for and gaining a driving license in the United Kingdom can take time and effort. Safety laws and regulations ensure that you pose no threat to yourself or the public. Before you even apply for a driving license, there are certain prerequisites which you need to comply with. Before driving on the road, you need a valid driving license, be at least 17 years old, and meet the rules for minimum eyesight. Applying for a driving license requires that you have a provisional driving license. You can apply for a provisional driving license when you are at least 15 years and nine months old. Once you get your provisional driving license, you can drive under the supervision of a licensed driving instructor or any adult with a valid license. There are no legal requirements for minimum learning hours. Once you believe you have learnt the relevant theory and gained enough practice, you can book your driving test. The test covers two aspects; a theory test and a practical test. First, you must clear the theory test and then move on to the practical. You can take lessons from a driving school to gain knowledge and driving skills. Driving schools offer various packages to meet different requirements. Some offer intensive driving courses to ensure a quick end to the process.

What are Intensive Driving Courses?

An Intensive driving course is meant to save you time, especially if you are in a hurry for one reason or another. The course is designed to facilitate learner drivers in passing both theory and practical tests and gaining their driving licenses.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Driving?

People can learn to drive in weeks with an adequately structured intensive course and experienced trainers. Beginners can finish the lessons within four weeks, while experienced ones can complete them in a week.

Remember, you might have to drive for several hours in a single day to ensure that you pass the test. The length of the course depends on your existing driving skills and experience. If you’re a beginner, you’ll take more time, but if you have some experience, you can complete the course quickly. The driving instructor should evaluate your driving skills and decide the length of your course.

Who Provides Intensive Driving Courses?

Many driving schools in the United Kingdom offer a variety of driving lessons ranging from lessons for beginners, advance training, high-speed driving, training for becoming an instructor, and intensive driving courses. Make sure that your driving school is registered with the DVSA.

Are Intensive Driving Courses Useful?

Intensive driving courses require you to dedicate most of your time to learning. Unless you have an emergency, you should prefer regular driving courses.

Are Intensive Courses Unsafe for Me and the Public?

Driving is an essential skill you will need throughout your life. The more thorough your training is, the safer you are for yourself and the public. If you are in a hurry, you can always take advance training lessons after you receive your license and when you have time.

Are These Courses Too Intense?

Traditional driving lessons are usually spread over months, and you may have to push your brain to learn all of that in weeks or days. As we recommended, you should prefer full training in normal circumstances and avail of crash courses only if necessary.

Will I Pass the Test After?

Some driving schools may offer you a full or partial refund in case you fail to pass your test, but no school can guarantee you will. Passing the test requires a good trainer and a keen student. You may take the test after intensive training if you have dedicated time and worked hard.

When Can I Apply for My Practical Test?

If you are at least 17 years old, have a provisional license, and have cleared your driving theory test, you can apply for a practical test immediately. There is no legal requirement for driving lessons. However, you should know that both the theory and practical tests are difficult and do require training. Driving lessons can therefore enhance your chances of getting a license. Also, your driving test date depends on availability; sometimes, you might have to wait a while before taking a test.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intensive Driving Course

Intensive driving training may be condensed, but it might just be something you need. Human learning abilities can be incredible, and sometimes it greatly depends on the learner how quickly he can learn something. So, some people may benefit more from intensive driving courses instead of regular courses. People may go for intensive training for several reasons. They might be going on an international trip and require a valid license quickly. They may be starting a new job and unable to take time out later. On the other hand, it might be better for some people to receive a full and gradual training course that focuses on safety and precautions. You will have more time to learn about traffic laws and rules. You are less likely to get into legal trouble after receiving complete and thorough training. In short, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Are Intensive Driving Lessons Suitable for You?

An Intensive driving lesson is best suited for people who genuinely want to make haste. Although learners with no or little experience can benefit from it, and those who are experienced may be best suited for it, there are no restrictions on taking these lessons.

Intensive Driving Course Prices

Intensive driving course price may vary from location to location, your current skill level and your decided training length. If you are entirely new to driving, you can expect to pay more than what an experienced person will pay because your training length will be longer than his. Automatic and manual driving lessons are priced differently, with the former being slightly more expensive. Manual driving courses can cost you anywhere between £430 to upwards of £1300, depending on the tenor of the course. Automatic driving lessons may cost you somewhere between £440 to £1400.

How Do Intensive Training Lessons Work?

Skill Evaluation

Before a driving school quotes you a price, they will take an evaluation test to see how much you know about driving. These tests usually last two hours and aim to check your skills so that your training sessions can be customized according to your requirements. Depending on your current skill level, they will suggest the length of your course and quote you the price for their services.

Booking Your Intensive Course

Once your evaluation has been carried out, and your skill level has been identified, the driving school will quote their price. If you accept it, you will be given a booking date for your training. You should read all the policies of your driving school thoroughly. For example, what if some day you are late or you cannot come? Would they compensate you for it and allocate another slot for you? Questions like these must be answered before making any payments.

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